Enhancing Customers' Network Performance with New SD-WAN Technology

August 17th, 2017 by admin

We are excited to announce our offering of SD-WAN (Software-Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network). SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN (Wide Area Network) by separating the networking hardware from its control mechanism. A key application of an SD-WAN is to allow companies to...
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Toshiba Shutting Down Telecommunications Systems Division

May 17th, 2017 by admin

You may have already seen our newsletter or other articles sharing the news that Toshiba Corporation is winding down their Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately. "Dealers can submit orders through May 22, 2017 subject to inventory availability and purchase order acceptance....
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All Phase Communications’ Cyber-Security Brings Peace of Mind to Business Owners and Their IT Networks

October 13th, 2015 by admin

All Phase Communications announced today that the company has launched an awareness campaign on recent advancements in cyber security. As technology has become even more central to business operations, hackers have grown in proficiency and are posing several new threats to business owners. All Phase...
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All Phase Communications Announces Full-Service Cloud Voice Program

June 16th, 2015 by admin

All Phase Communications a leader in unified communications announced today that the company has launched a revolutionary full- service cloud voice program which is radically shaking up the industry. All Phase Communications created this program in response to growing customer demand for a simplified,...
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All Phase Provides Expertise on How to “Go Mobile”

December 29th, 2014 by admin

All Phase has launched a mobile workforce initiative in order to help their customers leverage the benefits of advanced technology in today’s mobile environment. According to a Cisco study, the growth of the mobile workforce has evolved from startups to enterprises and 3 out of every 5 workers say that...
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Only 10% of Hospitals & Clinics Keep Their Patients’ Data Safe

December 6th, 2014 by admin

The majority of hospitals and health organizations are using outdated technology on a single network making the job of hacking into networks even easier for criminals. IT security is often a large oversight for healthcare organizations because their objective is to save lives. Unfortunately, lack of...
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