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Unified Communications for Better Productivity

February 9th, 2017 by admin

Here at All Phase, we've partnered with ShoreTel to offer products that will transform your efficiency and productivity, all by reducing the effort needed to communicate with team members, suppliers, and customers. These Unified Communication solutions combine your business phone system with email, fax, video conferencing, call center, and instant messaging applications.

Whether you're looking for simple features or more complicated applications, All Phase can help you find the right combination of solutions for your business. We know how to integrate ShoreTel systems into your current way of working. You might be used to having a lengthy process for setting up new users or changing information in the system - with these products, everything is easily synced between devices. You create a new user and enter their name, then see the new person as an extension on your IP phone right away. Voicemails are sent right to your email, so you don't have to push lots of buttons to find the most recent one and save it. You can create work groups and instantly message colleagues on your team, no matter where they are located. More importantly, you can quickly see if they are online, offline, or in a meeting, so you know if they are available to talk.

The new tools are simple to use and can be adjusted to grow with your company, instead of needing big changes when you are hiring. We can advise you on which additional features your business could benefit from, such as custom reports and nuisance call handlers to add to your productivity. Take a look at our different videos from ShoreTel explaining the different applications and uses of their Unified Communication system. If you're interested, talk to us about getting an on-site demonstration or a free pilot system to see if a switch to VoIP and Unified Communications works for you and your business.

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