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Business Videoconferencing Made Easy

September 12th, 2017 by admin


We've been listening to our customers, and lately they've all been very excited about our new partnership with StarLeaf. Their award-winning videoconferencing solution is brand new on the market and making waves. Our customers see it as a good alternative to standard conference room solutions as well as Skype. Instead of expensive installation and maintenance costs, your video is hosted through the cloud. This also makes it easy to access the video from anywhere, enhancing your business's mobility by connecting employees and customers wherever they are.

Unlike other videoconferencing solutions on the market, it's very easy to set up a session and add 25-50 users. videoconference The best part ‐ they don't need to create an account to access the video! Just send the link and access information to your webinar attendees, board members, vendors, and team members to have them join the call.

We can see why our customers are excited about this new communication tool. If you're interested in a demo or further information, just get in touch.

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